How I feel now

With the football fever at its peak,world ain’t a nice place for non-sports fellas now. From trending hash tags #worldcup2014 , #worldcup, #FIFA2014 on twitter to hourly facebook updates, we guys really feel out of place. The most common occurrences we non-sports fellas under went when you guys were hooked onto the matches:

  1. How you respond when someone talks to you about football.      385.
  2. How people judge when they realize you are not interested in football.tumblr_lxvsoqlwg01r3oc7fo1_500
  3. Your reaction when your friends try to get you interested in football.tumblr_m6434g1nOA1rwcc6bo1_500
  4. You do not get enough sleep during matches as your phone keeps buzzing. 93  
  5. Your reaction when your friend cries over his favorite team losing. 125
  6. How you feel when football season ends!!!!! The world will return to normalcy.fhafj_l_gifsoupcom


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